Charging Voice Control Alarm Clock Mirror LED Music Clock Two Sets Of Alarm Clock Switches Digital Bedside Alarm Clock

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Material: ABS

Size: 145 * 65 * 32mm

Package: leather box (7.3 * 4.1 * 17.5cm)

Package list: alarm clock+user manual+USB charging cable

Power adapter is not included. It is recommended to use 5V, 1A power adapter.

This alarm clock has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be plugged in or not.

Product Function:

1. LED display.

2. Memory function, no need to reset after power off.

3. Celsius/Fahrenheit switching.

4. 24-hour/12 hour conversion.

5. The brightness of the three segment display changes automatically or can be adjusted manually.

6. Two different groups of alarms can be set in one day, and the duration of a single group of alarms is 2 minutes.

7. Thirteen soothing music can be selected as alarm.

8. Enjoy sleeping music. The music can be played continuously for 5 minutes.

9. The alarm volume can be adjusted.

10. Voice control energy-saving mode. The energy-saving mode will be entered when the power is not plugged in. The screen will automatically turn off after 10 seconds in silent environment.

11. Touch the snooze function, and the snooze lasts for 5 minutes.

12. Mirror design.